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The New Year is already in full swing and I have much to be thankful for these days.  I’ve got an incredible support system of family and friends.  My progression remains steady, which is actually good, because it is very slow.  Jennifer and I plan on using this extra time to continually pursue our mission.
In May of 2003 and 2004, Jennifer and I were the hosts of ‘The Gift of Time Gala’ that benefited MDA’s ALS division.  We netted approximately $54,000 and $65,000 respectively.  MDA did a great job of organizing the event as we all had a blast both years.  However, MDA has chosen not to participate in this event.  We would like to apologize to all those who attended the previous two galas as to the lack of information that was distributed in 2005.
With that behind us, we are now looking forward to the ‘The Gift of Time Gala 2006’ benefiting our new Denver Program of Extra Hands for ALS.  Remember, at Extra Hands for ALS, we are not only helping families with ALS cope with day to day living.  We are also developing the leaders of tomorrow through the fight with ALS.  We picture this event honoring those that make our organization possible…the volunteers.
We are just beginning to conceptualize the gala and are looking for a committee to help organize it.  We have been blessed by the involvement from two of our Extra Hands volunteers, Karlye Burge and Blair Orton who will be co-chairing the committee.  They have already been brainstorming and can’t wait to discuss the event in more detail.  They have a background in event planning and have a trememdous amount of energy.  Jennifer and I are in the midst of recruiting student and mentor volunteers as well as families to participate in Extra Hands for ALS.  The money raised from this gala will support our local efforts as well as fund ALS research looking for near term treatments.
At this point we would like to find persons willing to commit some of their time to this event.  The date, venue and theme of the event are of utmost importance.  The Gala Committee will agree upon these crucial items.  From that point Karlye and Blair can organize and delegate appropriately.
Please consider and inquire as soon as possible.  Simply send us a message by using the “Contact Us” tab above.  Also, we welcome any corporate involvement via event sponsorship on some level.  We can only hope that despite the Gala sabbatical in 2005, you will join us for 2006.  Thank you so much for your support.

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